Linlin (Ringling) Brothers and birdmin(Barnum) (and) baily (Bailey) Circuse's parent company announcing (today) that the iconic elephant performances will be eliminated by 2018.

It is bittersweet because that the elephant's (elephants have) been on the circus for 145 years.

This after a growing chorus (h)as express(d) concern about how the elephants are treated.

The elephants, such (an) integral part of this American tradition.

Jumbo, the first international (animal) superstar, with said the bringing (was said to bring in) the largest crowds in the history of "P.T. Barnum's Greatest show on earth.

The show will go on with other animals. And (the) thirteen elephants currently on tour now set (said) to retire in three years, spending the rest of their days, here, at the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Center for Elephant Conversation.

 bringing pleasure mixed with sadness

Come to think of it, I've never went to see a circus (or should I write "seen a circus"? Which is the correct expression as a collocation?).

Why haven't I seen it? I know that the show, performing in a tent reminds me of brutal scenery in zoos. Kumamoto city has Kumamoto City zoological and botanical Gardens. Several years ago, my girlfriend took me to the zoo to see a variety of animals. The reason as I mentioned before, when I heard an invitation from her to go there, the only thing on my mind was how do I refused the proposal, but we went there in the end.

As I had expected, in the middle of the zoo, there were lots of small cages to exhibit lions, bears, and some fierce animals. As we approached, they uniformly (all) wandering (lingering) around in their pens aimlessly and stressfully. Floors were cluttered with their shits.

Animals that living in both circumstances are happy? No, I don't think so.


At the wheel

At the(And) (a)sleep at the wheel. The stunning video tonight (of the) bus driver who nods off and then smashes into car after car. Next tonight, bus driver who falls (asleep)at the wheel as cameras roll. ABC's Linsey Davis now on the multiple collisions. It happened last October around 6 p.m. it was olympia michigan (in Wes Bloomfield, Michigan). The driver quickly admitting to investigaters what went wrong. What happened? I fell asleep going down that hill. Sleepy drivers are to blame (for)one out of every five car accidents killing 7500 people seriously injuring 50000 each year. As for the solo(e) passenger on the bus. Are you alright? I sure I am, I think so. Her choice of seat on this day may have made all the difference.  

1. be to blame (for something)
 to be responsible for something bad
 ex) Which driver was to blame for the accident?

2. at (behind) the wheel
 at the helm of a ship, the steering wheel of a motor vehicle, etc
 ex) A bus driver who nods off at the wheel.

3.Her choice of seat on this day may have made all the difference.
 3-1 make a difference
  to have an effect/no effect on somebody/something
  ex) The rain didn't make much difference to the game.
 3-2 may (might) have pp
  to show that something has possibly happened now or happened at some time in the past     

When I go to KGU, I often use my bicycle, listening to English podcast. Riding bicycle makes me feel comfortable. But, during the period of exams for each semester, due to a large amount of reports and tests, I stay up late almost every nights. So, as I have feeling of sleepiness and fatigue that period of time, I have no choice but to use my car. 

Once I didn't get any sleep two days, on the way to the university, I fell asleep temporarily many times at the wheel. A catastrophic car accident may have happened if I had steered in the wrong direction. 


American Sniper

A couple of days ago, I went to see "American Sniper", directed by Clint Eastwood, at AEON cinema. Ah, it was Wednesday! I went there on that day because they offer discount tickets on Wednesdays. In spite of a weekday (workday), in front of the ticket counters were full of people (were busy with people) buying the tickets. (or should I write "long lines of customers were waiting in front of each ticket counter"?)

I had a little bit of time before the movie begins, so I headed to the restroom so as not to having a desire to urinate during the movie (while I was seeing the movie). After I walking out of the bathroom, with my hands dried with handkerchief, walking (and walked) down toward a man at a small counter which was set up in the center of the invisible boundary between two sides , then presented (handed in??) the ticket to the staff, I finally entered. (to be continued)



This world-famous TV programmes is my favorite one. There are 3 main anchors in it. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. In the TV show, they mainly do a silly but funny challenges. For example, they succeeded in across the English channel by using amphibious hot-rod cars (they challenged many times).

That programme makes me laugh every time, and its beautiful footage attracts me as well. I love to watch speeding car on winding road in the astonishing landscape. Japanese TV must learn from them.


ESL podcast

I usually listen to podcast while I'm moving, especially in my car because I like speaking English following podcast. In the car, no matter how much I speak loudly, nobody cares. This podcast is really useful for English learners. Dr. Jeff Mcquillan, who is the host of this podcast, gives us a good example of conversation at a slow pace. It is really audible and it gives me an abundant words and phrases. I think that only listening to something have no effect on someone's improving listening ability. Speaking English with listening English can build our listening skill.



The government and the most of Japanese media are reporting that Haruna Yukawa, who were kidnapped by ISIS, killed by the terrorist group. Other hostage, Kenji Goto, expressed that fact holding picture of his body in front of a camera. I think that an act of terrorism is outrageous and impermissible. Why do they kill people who have no animosity against them? People often say that everybody can understand each other, but I think it is impossible.


Spring vacation

In may this year, I go to my old high school and teach English as a trainee teacher there. I have feelings of anxiety and anticipation. In order to sweep away that negative feelings, I must try to study harder ever before. I think I can quit my part-time job in next month, and there are only a few classes next spring semester, so nobody interrupts my study.In Spring vacation, I want to immerse myself into studying English and teaching-related studying.